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Integrated Archives Management

  • Digital Preservation
  • Integrated Searching
  • Project Management
  • Archival workflow management
  • Physical Records Center management
  • Patron Research management
  • Records Officer testing and certification
  • Retention schedules and finding aids
  • Simplified migration from Archivist's Toolkit
  • Complete Support and Tailoring services

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Features & Capabilities

Features and Capabilities

Axaem is a records life-cycle management system that assists records managers and archivists in their day-to-day work. It produces retention schedules, allows new schedules to be submitted over the web, tracks records officers and their training sessions, and links retention lengths to records center boxes for disposition. It manages microfilm accessioning and associated camera and scanner equipment. It also produces finding aids and catalog records, offers metadata ingest and index searching, identifies the context of records and the functions that produced them, manages preservation activities for all types of record formats, and provides control over patron services and requests. It is compliant with MARC, EAD, EAC, DACS, and OAI-PMH. It operates on the APPX environment, which means you can change any aspect of any feature. The entire system is programmable, allowing the addition of new fields, screens, and reports at will. It is database and platform independent, and budget friendly open-source to work in your existing environments.

AXAEM was originally designed for use by a major State Archives.  It is now being revised and enhanced and will be released in Fall 2010 as an Open Source application suitable for use by a variety of archives that need to manage physical and electronic records and collections. 

Key Features of AXAEM
  • Records life-cycle management

  • Retention schedules

  • Archival workflow management

  • Arrangement and description

  • Preservation and access

  • Standards Compliant

  • XML integration
  • Programmable
  • Platform & database independent
  • Add new fields & business logic
  • Create reports
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems
  • Scalable to meet your needs as your Archives grows


Key Features of APPX

What is APPX?

APPX is a state-of-the-art, platform-independent, database-independent Rapid Application Development (RAD) and runtime environment that is unsurpassed for the design and deployment of business application software.  One of it's primary benefits is the speed of application development and modification.  This allows systems built on APPX, like AXAEM to have a lower total cost of ownership when compared to other environments.

The APPX Vision

The APPX design environment represents a paradigm shift in applications development. It's software for the way business really works. With APPX, your MIS staff can quickly and easily create applications that can keep pace with your evolving requirements.

Supported Hardware Platforms

APPX is a true multi-platform environment that runs on a wide variety of popular computing platforms. Applications developed on one platform can be deployed on any other platform without rewriting a single line of code!  APPX is supported in a number of Linux, Windows, and Unix variants.  It can also be supported in a "Cloud" environment like that of Amazon Web Services to give you the flexibility you want.

Application Design

With APPX, you will build better applications in less time than you ever imagined. You design your application by entering your specifications and APPX does the rest.

Runtime Environment

Write it in APPX then run it in APPX!  APPX is also your application runtime environment.

RDBMS Interfaces

APPX provides integration with a wide variety of of database products, allowing rapid creation and use of data in the most advanced database technology.

ISAM Interfaces

APPX includes APPXIO, a powerful indexed file access method.  But, APPX can also interface with other popular indexed file access methods.

Client/Server Model

APPX utilizes a Client/Server computing model.  APPX supports many different types of desktop environments and clients.  The APPX Connection Manager is the key to accessing APPX regardless of whether the client is Windows or Linux, local or remote.  We have a java web client that allows APPX and thus AXAEM access from virtually any client that supports java, from MS-Windows, to Mac, to Linux.

The AXAEM Open Source Project

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