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Release 1.0

Now available for installation

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Integrated Archives Management

  • Digital Preservation
  • Integrated Searching
  • Project Management
  • Archival workflow management
  • Physical Records Center management
  • Patron Research management
  • Records Officer testing and certification
  • Retention schedules and finding aids
  • Simplified migration from Archivist's Toolkit
  • Complete Support and Tailoring services

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Click the links below to learn more:

  1. Read the AXAEM datasheet
  2. View a brief flash demo
  3. Request a guided demo

Download APPX

Download the APPX Utility

You can download APPX from here

Before you install APPX, you must first obtain a valid APPX license key.  You can obtain a free, 1-user APPX license key from here

The free, 1-user APPX license is sufficient for downloading and installing APPX.  However, if your organization will have more than one user concurrently accessing the AXAEM system, you will need to purchase a multi-user APPX license or purchase an AXAEM Support Package with includes an APPX license for the appropriate number of concurrent users.  Licensing options for AXAEM and APPX are available here

The AXAEM Open Source Project

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