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Integrated Archives Management

  • Digital Preservation
  • Integrated Searching
  • Project Management
  • Archival workflow management
  • Physical Records Center management
  • Patron Research management
  • Records Officer testing and certification
  • Retention schedules and finding aids
  • Simplified migration from Archivist's Toolkit
  • Complete Support and Tailoring services

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Open Source

The AXAEM Open Source Project 

The Utah State Archive designed and wrote the application that is the basis for AXAEM.  In 2009, the state informed APPX Software that they would like to make the application Open Source so that a wider audience would get access to it and enjoy the benefit of a community based Open Source project.  APPX Software agreed to manage the Open Source project, as well as provide a full range of services to support it.  APPX is the design and run-time environment on which AXAEM executes.  You must obtain a license to use APPX.  Free One user licenses are available from this website.  Multiuser licenses are available from APPX software.  On August 11, 2010 the website you are viewing was launched, and AXAEM became available for evaluation and download.   

Why consider an Open Source application?

Open Source is a way to obtain business applications without incurring the licensing fees associated with traditional commercial applications.  You also have the ability to share and contribute to the application for the benefit of all who use the it.  This means that application enhancements are available at no cost to you beyond the effort to load and use them.  APPX Software offers services to help you deploy and learn about new offerings as they become available.  This gives you the security of knowing that you are not on your own without service and support offerings being available to you.   

What are some concerns about Open Source applications?

When an Open Source application is put into service, who will support it?

The community for the application can provide some general support like hints and tips.  APPX Software is committed to traditional software application support through email, telephone, and onsite services depending on the level of support you choose to purchase.  Please link to the professional support page to review the support offerings available for your consideration.

The Open Source Advantage

APPX Software, Inc. is pleased to provide AXAEM, a comprehensive enterprise archives and records management solution under the GNU General Public License (GPL) with the APPX Supplemental License, which allows users and developers to obtain, modify, run, and redistribute the software at no charge.

Open source software offers many benefits including:

  • No license fees
  • Free source code
  • Modificatons allowed
  • No runtime restrictions
  • Copying and redistribution allowed

FAQ's - Open Source AXAEM application

1. What application is available under the Open Source License?

AXAEM is a comprehensive enterprise archives and records management application.  APPX Software has other Open Source applications available for use including all of the standard general business and distribution modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Fixed Assets, Budget Accounting, General Subsidiary, Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Sales Order Entry, Commission Accounting, and Sales Analysis.  Visit Open Source Business Applications for more information.

2. Can I download, install, and use these applications for free?

Yes, there is no license fee associated with the Open Source APPX Business Applications.  However, the APPX Utility, which was used to develop the APPX Business Applications, is needed to modify and run the APPX Business Applications.  If you do not already have an APPX license, you must first acquire one.  A free, single-user APPX license is available through our Single-User Linux Promotion.  A multi-user APPX license is available through our clients who purchase an annual support agreement at the Silver or Gold level.

3. Can I modify these applications?

Yes, under terms of the GPL, all of the applications may be modified. You may modify the applications yourself or you may contract with APPX Software, Inc., APPX Resellers, or other consultants to do so. Note that the terms of the GPL stipulate that distribution of all derivative products must also be under the GPL.

4. What if I want to sell modified applications to someone?

The GPL prohibits this, so the Open Source AXAEM application may not be modified and then sold.  However, APPX Software, Inc. has a reseller program that does allow you to develop and market derivative applications under a commercial license instead of an open source license.

5. Can the applications be run in a multi-user environment?

Yes, the applications are specifically designed for multi-user operation.  However, a multi-user APPX runtime license is required for the desired number of users.

6. Why should I consider a Commercial license instead of an Open Source license?

Open Source software is distributed "as is".  Our Commercial software license provides certain protections and assurances not offered by the Open Source license.  A commercial license can be acquired for a nominal license fee.  The software is the same in either case.

7. Is AXAEM only available on the Linux platform?

No, the Open Source AXAEM application is distributed as APPX design files and can be installed on a variety of platforms that support it including MIcrosoft Windows, HP/ux, IBM AIX, and others.

8. What support options are available for the Open Source AXAEM application?

APPX Software, Inc. offers a wide variety of free and premium support options.  To help you get started, free technical support via e-mail will be provided by APPX Software, Inc. during the installation and setup of APPX and the AXAEM application.  After you complete the setup of AXAEM, there are a number of actions that must occur to make it usable by your organization.  APPX Software offers a range of Professional Services and support options to ensure that the application is deployed successfully, and meets your requirements.  premium support options can help ensure that your system and your business will run smoothly. There are also several online resources available at no charge.

9. Is this a limited-time application?

No. AXAEM is an Open Source project that will be available as long as there is interest in its use and maintenance.  The decision to provide Open Source AXAEM is not reversible. Future releases of the application may include differences between the Open Source and the commercial version(if developed), but all software released under the GPL must always remain freely available under that license.

The AXAEM Open Source Project

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